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  • All Purpose Anti-rust Spray
    • Dual purpose - removes rust and prevents rust
    • Will remove one layer of rust at a time
    • 3x more effective in rust loosening
    • Tested in extreme conditions (high seas)
    • Stops squeaking & provides light smoothness
    • Excellent penetration capacity
    • Removes stickers and gum stuck on shop floor
    • Has cleaning properties as well
    • Do NOT use on the chain, other than to remove rust.
    • Make sure you use chain cleaner soon after
  • Bicycle Rim Protection Spray
    • Keeps metal rims from rust and corrosion
    • Protects from environmental effects
    • Remove tyre, tube and rim tape
    • Clean insides of rim with QuickDry (BCCQ)
    • Wipe off all dirt and spray a thin layer of RPS
    • Wait for 2 hours to dry completely
    • Re-install rim tape, tyre and tube Provides protection for 6-12 months While spraying the inside, allow to seep through the spoke nipple gaps during service
    • Alternatively, all spoke nipples can be cleaned and sprayed with RPS before building the rim
  • Disk Brake Disk Brake Cleaner
    • Perfect quick fix solution works as first aid
    • No need to dismantle the brake mechanism
    • Cleans and evaporates completely
    • Removes light contamination on rotors
    • Designed specifically for bicycles
    • Full cleaning requires dismatling
    • Easy and simple procedure for regular use
    • Clean the disk brake and pads once a month
    • True and centre calipers for perfect alignment
  • Dry Finish Chain Lube Spray
    • 20 Uses
    • Leaves a DRY and thin layer on the chain
    • Keeps the chain looking neat
    • Best suited for cities with high humidity
    • Suitable on dusty, rainy and off-road rides
    • Clean & lube the chain every week and after every off-road ride
  • Eco-friendly Bicycle Chain Cleaner
    • Excellent cleaning in less than 10 mins
    • Follow looplube's recommended 3-Step process
    • Use gloves, medium sized cotton cloth & brush
    • Use Cibaca Supreme toothbrush for best results
    • Training & Support provided on request
    • Wear gloves and mask while using loopwipe
    • Do not use water to clean the chain.
  • External Metal Parts Protection Spray
    • Protects all nuts, bolts and any metal part from rust and corrosion
    • Provides protection for 6 months or more
    • Works in all extreme weather conditions Designed for parts visible externally
    • Do NOT use on chain or bearings
    • Allow curing time of 24 hours after use
    • Apply single thin layer in a single spray motion
    • Killer product to prevent rust on metal parts every where else (home/office/garage/outdoors)
  • Frame & Tyre Protection Spray
    • Works for both bicycle frame and tyre
    • Extracts dirt lodged inside the tyre
    • Protects tyre from cracks & improves life
    • Protects frame from environmental effects
    • Creates protective layer on the frame Protects paint and stickers
    • Makes washing a bicycle quick and easy
    • Apply single layer on frame and spread
    • Apply singly layer on tyre while spinning and leave overnight before going for a ride
  • Quickdry Fast Drying Degreaser
    • Super strong degreaser
    • Cleans fast, dries faster
    • Best for cleaning internal parts like bearings
    • Cleans up toughest grease and grime easily
    • Saves a ton of times in full services
    • Parts of every mechanic's secret toolkit
    • Use with recommended gloves and mask
    • Do NOT use on chain and disk brakes
    • Do NOT use on plastic, rubber & stickers
    • Wear gloves, mask and goggles during use
  • Seatpost Protection Spray
    • Prevents rusting & seizing
    • Provides protection for 3-6 months
    • Repels moisture from settling
    • Allow 24 hours before re-assembly
    • Prevents slippage if spray is single layer
    • Use once in three months for best results
    • For anti-slip property apply thin layer and leave overnight without assembling the seatpost
    • Disassemble the seatpost, clean well with BCCQ then apply SPS
  • Sprint SPRAY Bicycle Chain Lube
    • 125ml - 20 uses; 500ml - 80 uses
    • Extremely efficient and Easy to use
    • Ride Daily, Lube Weekly & Clean Monthly
    • Best suited for commuters and regular riders
    • Suitable on dusty & on-road rides
  • Stanchion Suspension Fork Spray
    • Improves travel
    • Keeps seals in excellent condition Keeps dirt out of the internal parts
    • Repels water and dirt from passing through Use once a month or once in two months for best results; preferably after every full wash Protects stanchions from rust and corrosion
    • Wear gloves and mask while using FRK Spray thin layer on the stanchion and spread with your index finger.
    • Spray carefully to avoid spill on other parts
  • Wet Finish Chain Lube Spray
    • 20Uses
    • Gives butter smooth feeling every time
    • Leaves a WET finish on the chain
    • Best suited for commuters and regular riders
    • Suitable on less dusty on-road rides
    • Clean & Lube once a week